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Artist Biographies

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Eaton, Charles Warren
Ebgi, Amram
Eckstein, Ruth
Eizan, Kikugawa
Ellenshaw, Peter
Ellis, Ray G.
Erbe, Gary Thomas
Ernst, Max
Eyuboglu, Eren

Charles Warren Eaton

Charles Warren Eaton
American Tonalist landscape painter

Charles Warren Eaton was born in Albany, New York and lived in Bloomfield, New Jersey. He became a Tonalist landscape painter, influenced by George Inness, and created moody landscapes. His paintings were groundbreaking because they were relatively small and depicted intimate countryside views. In 1879, he enrolled at the National Academy of Design in New York City, followed by a study of figure painting at the Art Students League. He travelled internationally with two other Tonalist painters to France, England, and Holland, where Eaton painted many canal scenes. By 1900, he was focused on painting the Berkshire pine forests of New York State. He was a founding member of the Lotus and Salmagundi Clubs in NYC. Eaton died in 1937, and a retrospective of his works was shown in 2004 at the Groton School.

Amram Ebgi

Amram Ebgi
b. 1939
Israeli semi-abstract artist

Amram Ebgi is an International artist, craftsman and master printer who works in diverse media. His work that mostly refers to his Jewish heritage is in the collections of regional museums in the United States and in the museum collections of Yale, Princeton and UCLA. Many artworks were commissioned by UNICEF.

Ruth Eckstein

Ruth Eckstein
German abstract artist

Ruth Eckstein was born in Nuremberg, Germany on May 11, 1916. She and her husband, George Eckstein, moved to Paris in 1934 and then to the United States in 1939. Ruth continued with her art, gaining national and international recognition as an abstract modernist painter and master printmaker. She took classes at the Museum of Modern Art and at the New School in New York City. She enrolled at the Art Students League where she immersed herself in printmaking techniques, studying with Harry Sternberg and Julian Levi. She later studied woodcut techniques at the Pratt Graphic Art Center. Her work is tranquil with the use of pared down compositions and subtle modulations of color and shape. It embodies a serenity of space, with clear bold colors and shapes, used to provoke a tension between balance and motion. She died in 2011 and her work is represented in over fifty prestigious public collections and in more than ninety major corporate collections throughout the world.

Kikugawa Eizan

Kikugawa Eizan
Japanese woodblock artist

Kikugawa Eizan was born in 1787. He was a designer of ukiyo-e style Japanese woodblock prints. He first studied with his father Eiji, a minor painter of the Kano school, and later with Suzuki Nanrei, an artist of the Shijo school. In the 1830s he produced many prints of beautiful women, but then abandoned printmaking in favor of painting. He was one of the late followers of Utamaro and attempted to carry on the master’s bijin style after his death in 1806. He died in 1867.

Peter Ellenshaw

Peter Ellenshaw
American seascape and landscape painter; filmmaker

Born in London, England in 1913, Ellenshaw was an apprentice to W. Percy Day, O.B.E., a British special effects artist and matte painter. Under this apprenticeship he worked on Things to Come, The Thief of Baghdad and Black Narcissus. After serving in the Second World War as a pilot for the Royal Air Force, Ellenshaw returned to the film industry as a matte artist for MGM's Quo Vadis. In the late 1940s Ellenshaw worked on Walt Disney’s, Treasure Island. In 1953, Ellenshaw moved to California, expanded upon his matte painting work to contribute to Disney's film 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. He was an Academy Award winning special effects artist, a motion picture production designer, a concept illustrator and an official 'Disney Legend.' During the 50s he transitioned into painting nature, mainly seascapes and also created a relationship with the Hammer Galleries in New York. In 1960, Ellenshaw did a matte painting of Rome for Stanley Kubrick's movie, Spartacus, while continuing to work full time for Disney studios. Peter contributed to many other Disney television shows and films and won an Oscar for ‘Best Special Visual Effects’ on Mary Poppins. In 1970, Ellenshaw and his wife moved to the Ring of Kerry in Ireland, where he created paintings of the Irish coast and landscapes of the Emerald Isle. His works were shown at a special exhibition at the American Embassy in Dublin. In 1993, Peter Ellenshaw was officially designated a 'Disney Legend' at the Walt Disney Studios in a ceremony presided over by CEO Michael Eisner and Roy E. Disney. It was shortly thereafter that he was commissioned to do paintings of scenes from famous Disney features. In February of 2007, Peter passed away at his home in Santa Barbara, California at age 93.

Ray G. Ellis

Ray G. Ellis
b. 1921
South Carolina/ Massachusetts affiliated marine, figure and landscape painter

Ray Ellis was born in Philadelphia and attended the Philadelphia Museum School of Art from 1939-1941. His first solo show was held in 1947 at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. After serving four years in the Coast Guard during WWII, Ellis founded his own advertising agency in New Jersey and New York, but continued to paint in his spare time. During this period he was elected to the American Watercolor Society, and his works were widely exhibited and received numerous honors. In 1969 Ellis was able to devote all his time to painting, and five years later he moved to Hilton Head Island, SC and then to Savannah, GA. In 1989 Ellis re-settled in the north where he maintains a home and studio on Martha's Vineyard with his wife. Ellis has organized many books with co-authors in which his works are included. His paintings are included in major museums and private collections throughout the country. His paintings hang in our American Embassies in Geneva, Vienna, London, and more recently, Brussels. In 1999, he was commissioned by the White House to do a series of paintings of the Rose Garden. In 2004, the Telfair Museum of Savannah, GA exhibited a major retrospective of his work.

Gary Thomas Erbe

Gary Thomas Erbe
b. 1944
American New Jersey affiliated Trompe l’oeil painter, engraver

Gary Thomas Erbe was born in Union City, New Jersey in 1944 where he continues to maintain his studio. Erbe has exhibited extensively since 1970 with solo shows at The Butler Institute of American Art, Ohio; The Springfield Art Museum, MO; The Montclair Art Museum, NJ; The Boca Raton Museum, Fl; The New Jersey State Museum; and others. A partial list of awards include The Julius Hallgarten Award at The National Academy of Design, 1975; Allied Artists of America Gold Medal, 1975, 1984 and 1991; Audubon Artists Gold Medal, 1998; The National Arts Club First Prize, 1997; The Butler Institute of America Art National Mid-Year First Place Award, 2002; Presidents Award and The Salmagundi Club.

Max Ernst

Max Ernst
German Dadaist and Surrealist painter, sculptor, graphic artist, and poet

Max Ernst was born in Bruhl in 1891. His father was an amateur painter, whose interest inspired Max to take up painting. In 1909 he enrolled in the University of Bonn, studying philosophy, art history, literature, psychology and psychiatry. He visited asylums and became fascinated with the art of the mentally ill patients. After completing his studies, he was drafted into World War I until 1918. In 1919 he developed his first collages. In 1925, he invented a graphic art technique called frottage, which uses pencil rubbings of objects as a source of images. He also created the grattage technique, in which paint is scraped across canvas to reveal the imprints of the objects placed beneath. Ernst died in 1976 in Paris.

Eren Eyuboglu

Eren Eyuboglu
Turkish 20th Century artist

Eren Eyboglu was born in Romania where she completed her education and graduated from the Art Academy of Yas in 1928. She studied with Andre Lhote Studio in Paris between 1930 and 1932 where she had two exhibitions of her work. She returned to Romania in 1933 where she married and continued her art studies in Istanbul and went on to exhibit internationally. She was an admirer of such artists as Cezanne and Matisse and originally adopted an impressionist style and later moved to a more contemporary approach.


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