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Artist Biographies

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Zabelin, Vyacheslav
Zansky, Lou
Zazenski, Steve
Zhang, Hongnian
Zheng, Zhiyue
Zhong Liang, Li
Zomb, Ilya
Zupan, Bruno Stern

Vyacheslav Zabelin

Vyacheslav Zabelin
Russian Impressionist painter

Vyacheslav Zabelin was born in Khamovniki, an old region of Moscow where he grew up and studied art at the Surikov Institute where he would later teach. His work is not well known in the West partly because he was not discovered until after Perestroika in the late 1980’s. His work rose from the traditions of Russian art and has it roots in the deepest strata of Russian life. He is not mentioned in any professional art databases although his work is featured in the book Zabelin, Master of Color and he is represented in the United States by several galleries. His best work depicts architectural masterpieces in rural Russia.

Lou Zansky

Lou Zansky

Lou Zansky lived and worked in New York and was renowned early in his artistic career as a comic artist. He drew three issues in the Classics Illustrated series in the early 1940s (then still called Classic Comics). His work for this collection contained comics adaptations of Herman Melville's 'Moby Dick' (1942), Miguel de Cervantes's 'Don Quixote' (1943), 'Sherlock Holmes and the Hound of the Baskervilles' and James Fenimore Cooper's 'The Deerslayer' (1944) and some cover art. Zansky illustrated for a magazine called The Magpie in the late 1930s. The Magpie was DeWitt Clinton High School's Literary Magazine, so apparently he was still a student at the time. He later painted in a semi-abstract style.

Steve Zazenski

Steve Zazenski
20th Century American landscape artist

Steve Zazenski earned his BFA from New York Institute of Technology in 1978. He is known primarily for his traditional landscapes, mainly inspired by New England and Bucks County, PA.

Hongnian Zhang

Hongnian Zhang
b. 1957
American, Chinese-born still life and landscape painter

Hongnian Zhang is a Chinese American oil painter who works in the Western academic tradition. His works have been exhibited and acquired by museums, galleries, corporations, and private collections across the globe. Zhang grew up in China and was one of the top students at the prestigious Central Art Academy’s Affiliated High School in Beijing. During the Cultural Revolution in 1970, Zhang and his classmates were sent to a forced labor camp for four years. In 1974, he returned to Beijing. He was the youngest artist ever to be appointed to the Beijing Art Academy. Zhang’s works contributed to the development of “Scar Art,” an important artistic movement in China that examined the painful memories of the Cultural Revolution. In 1985, he came to the United States to broaden his knowledge of Western art, and the following year he was one of five artists in New York’s Grand Central Art Galleries show, “Realism from China.” In 1991, he moved to Woodstock, NY, and has since expanded his subject matter to include Chinese and American historical paintings and contemporary American life. Zhang has been teaching oil painting for many years at both the graduate program of New York Academy and the Woodstock School of Art, as well as the Fudan University’s Shanghai Institute of Visual Art. He divides his time between China and the United States.

Zhiyue Zheng

Zhiyue Zheng
b. 1957
Shanghai affiliated artist

Zheng Zhiyue is a Chinese artist born in 1957. He studied at Central Academy of Art and Design and Shanghai Jiao Tong University. In the mid 1980's, Zhiyue immigrated to the United States, where from 1989 to 1992 he studied at Chen Yifei Studio in New York and worked as an arts assistant. He conducted a solo exhibition in New Jersey and his painting series of Tibet was well received.

Li Zhong Liang

Li Zhong Liang
b. 1944
Chinese Impressionist-style landscape and figural painter

Li Zhong Liang was born in Shanghai in 1944. He attended the Preparatory School of Zhejiang Fine Arts Academy in 1961, and was chosen to join the oil painting department’s staff in 1965. After graduating, he moved to Beijing to paint full time. The work of Titian, Monet, and Degas influenced Li who was drawn to both realism and impressionism. He paints canals of Suzhou and figural compositions of Tibetan and Chinese people. His landscapes lean towards impressionism and his figures lean towards realism. Li has participated in a number of international exhibitions, and his works are included in the collections of major museums in China and Japan.

Ilya Zomb

Ilya Zomb
b. circa 1950
Russian surrealist painter

Born in Odessa, Ukraine, the paintings of Russian-born artist Ilya Zomb depict images of ballerinas, elephants, and gigantic fruits, as if they appear from dreams. But the artist says it’s the everyday life in the metropolitan area where he lives, that inspires his flights of fancy. Occupying the shadowy space “between the possible and impossible, the real and unreal,” Ilya Zomb’s brilliantly conceived, chimerical paintings lie at the elusive intersection of reality and pure fantasy. They are reminiscent of such diverse masters as Botticelli, Degas, and Magritte, but perhaps one of the most intriguing aspects of this Russian artist’s work is that, despite myriad tempting comparisons, it remains curiously unique. Zomb’s images can be incredibly theatrical, recalling the dream sequences often found in productions of dance, or the nature-defying feats of circus performers. At other times the scenes have a mythical, literary feel, and we can easily imagine them as sumptuous illustrations for a lost book of parables penned by the likes of Scheherazade. An intensely perceptive artist, Zomb never fails to account for the contradictory emotions provoked by the uncertainty of reality. His works are dynamic with an air of celebration, of a spectacular and opulent grand finale, while other pieces of his are poignant and meditative as a still pool. The artist currently resides in South Orange, New Jersey.

Bruno Stern Zupan

Bruno Stern Zupan
b. 1939
American, Slovenia-born, modern realist painter and printmaker

Bruno Zupan was born in Slovenia in 1939. He graduated from the Art Institute in Zagreb and continued his education in Paris. Zupan has had many exhibitions of his work in Europe, the USA, and Japan. 1965 was a breakthrough year for his American career. Two museums in Georgia held exhibitions as did galleries in Washington, D.C. and New York. Zupan is a profoundly contemporary man, delicately poised between two worlds. He is fascinated by the dynamic tension of American culture, yet unable to deny the quiet sensuality of Europe. Zupan paints the vibrant colors and textures that are found in the landscapes and scenes of Majorca, Venice, and Paris. He has completed over three thousand oil and watercolor paintings and ten thousand prints.


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